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What is Employer of Record Service and How Can it Benefit My Business?

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What is Employer of Record Service and How Can it Benefit My Business?

When a third party hires and pays an employee on the behalf of a separate business, they are offering an Employer of Record Service. As part of this Employer of Record Service, this third-party organization is responsible for everything an employer would be responsible for.

An Employer of Record Service empowers small and medium-sized businesses to grow their business outside their usual territory. This service also saves business owners time and money. Usually, a staffing firm or other business acts as the Employer of Record for businesses.

Allowing businesses to legally engage with workers in a different state or country, Employers of Record enable business owners and companies to efficiently delegate tasks to workers in a new locality without the risk of violating the local employment laws.


Help Your Business Grow, Save Time, and Save Money

By overcoming the regulatory and cost hurdles of employing workers in a remote location, Employer of Record Services can help small and medium-sized businesses grow, save time, and save money. As the Employer of Record, a staffing firm takes responsibility for the personnel aspects covering the employee, including taxes, payroll, employment contracts, and anything under the employment-relations umbrella.

Because every region has its employment, payroll, and work permit requirements for non-resident companies doing business, Employer of Record Services helps businesses meet the challenge of complying with those rules. Also, for small businesses with limited HR resources or businesses new to a market, an Employer of Record Service is a convenient alternative to incorporating and registering a local entity.


Benefits and Advantages of Employer of Record Service

By signing up for an Employer of Record Service, a small or medium-sized business enjoys the following benefits and advantages:

  • Free up time, saving hours on payroll and HR issues
  • Cost-effective method of outsourcing payroll and HR functions
  • Liberate businesses from the hassle of tracking employment laws in multiple states or countries
  • Unburden business owners from the responsibility of employment liabilities
  • Eliminate the need to incorporate and register a local entity
Serve Your Company’s Growth Plans

Allowing a company to engage with workers in a new state or new country, an Employer of Record Service can help that company expand their business beyond their current boundaries. Without the need to set up a local entity, a small or medium-sized business can still grow in new areas by employing the services of an Employer of Record in the form of a staffing firm.

An Employer of Record Service permits small and medium-sized businesses to explore and expand into a new market as efficiently as possible, both in cost and time. If a business owner wants to enjoy the reward of expansion without paying the toll, an Employer of Record provides a convenient path into new territory. An Employer of Record serves a company’s growth plans.

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