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Employer of Record (EOR)

Are you looking to expand your business into Asia?

If you are looking for an efficient way to grow your employees fast and professionally in your field? Interloop’s Employer of Record (EOR) is the most flexible, cost-effective method for both your business and employees to grow. When you are using Interloop’s International’s EOR & secondment services, we become the legal employer of your staff and second them back to you under a service agreement. Interloop’s EOR and secondment contract allows you to remove all the unnecessary costs and time associated with setting up and maintaining a legal entity, investing minimum capital, annual company administration, etc. – allowing you to expand into a new country in as little as 1 day.


Payroll Services

  • Covering all administrative and statutory requirements
  • Compliance Functions

Human Resources

  • eHRPlatform
  • eLeave
  • ePayroll
  • eTime
  • eClaim

Employee Contract Management

  • Temporary and contract staff for both local and foreign employees

Visa & Work Permit Application

  • Entry
  • Renewal
  • Visa and work permit applications

When is a Secondment Contract or EOR used?

“As a solution for headcount freezes and headcount caps.”

Secondment contract is a perfect solution when a manager or employer has the resources to employ but a limited ability to maintain or add headcount. In this situation, Interloop Solutions & Consultancy will take all the tasks of reviewing the proof of worker eligibility, employee administration work, etc - off from you, giving you both the time and resources to focus on growing your business. Using Interloop’ PEO/ EOR or Secondment service enables the manager to move the existing or potential employees that they have identified under Interloop’ headcount, ensuring that the manager can use their budget to achieve business outcomes despite the headcount freeze. Interloop employs and payrolls the employees and seconds them onsite to provide services to the client.


“As a solution for overseas expansion.”

As you know, hiring staff overseas can be a headache sometimes, you must follow each country’s compliance and be familiar with all the rules relating to labor and unemployment. A secondment contract is the perfect solution for companies looking to expand in Asia but doesn’t have the headcount or a legal entity set up locally to employ the people they want to hire in Asia. Using Interloop’ Employer of Record or Secondment service, Interloop can contractually employ the identified staff members and second those staff members to the client, enabling the client to benefit from the services of the local staff.

EOR Onboarding Flow-Chart

EOR Onboarding

Step 1 : Interview

Step 2 : Shortlist Candidate

Step 3 : Candidate Accepts Offer

Step 4 : Sign Engagement Letter with Interloop

Step 5 : Send Onboarding Document to Interloop

Step 6 : Employment Agreement Signed with Interloop

Step 7 : Social Security Registration By Interloop

Step 8 : If liable for Withholding Income Tax, Payment needs to be made by Interloop within 30 Days of Commencement Date

What does Interloop's International’s EOR or Secondment Services include?

General Information on Labour

  • Maximum number of General Non-Hazardous Work:
    • 8 hours per day, not exceeding 48 hours per week
  • At least 1 off day per week and 1 hour of rest every 5 hours of continuous work per day
  • Employees entitled to no fewer than 13 national holidays per year, minimum of 6 days of annual vacation after working consecutively for 1 full calendar year
  • 90 days of maternity leave including holidays, but paid leave shall not exceed 45 days
  • Set at a maximum of 30 working days per annum
  • Employees who worked…
    • 120 days but less than 1 year will be entitled to 30 days of severance pay
    • 1 to 3 years will be entitled 90 days of severance pay
    • 3 to 6 years will be entitled 180 days of severance pay
    • 6 to 10 years will be entitled 240 days of severance pay
    • 10 years will be entitled 300 days of severance pay
  • For work performed over 8 hours per day (48 hours per week), the Overtime Pay rate shall be as follows:
    • Overtime Pay on Working Days: Not less than 1.5 times of hourly rate
    • Holiday Pay for Monthly Salaried Workers: Not less than 1 time of hourly rate (8 hours max per day)
    • Holiday Overtime Pay: Not less than 3 times of hourly rate
  • Withheld from the monthly wages of each employee
  • The prescribed rate is 5% for the 1st 15,000 baht salary
    • The maximum fee is 1,500 baht or 750 baht for employee and employer
  • The employer is required by law to match the contribution of the employee
    • Contributions must be remitted to the Social Security Office by 15th day of following month
    • For late payments a surcharge will be charged at 2% per month of the amount due
  • Employees in Thailand must be issued with pay slips for each pay period and may be issued online
  • Payroll records must be kept for at least 7 years

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