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Employer of Record (EOR)

Are you looking to expand your business into Asia?

If you are looking for an efficient way to grow your employees fast and professionally in your field? Interloop’s Employer of Record (EOR) is the most flexible, cost-effective method for both your business and employees to grow. When you are using Interloop’s International’s EOR & secondment services, we become the legal employer of your staff and second them back to you under a service agreement. Interloop’s EOR and secondment contract allows you to remove all the unnecessary costs and time associated with setting up and maintaining a legal entity, investing minimum capital, annual company administration, etc. – allowing you to expand into a new country in as little as 1 day.

The Best Employer of Record Services,
On Record

  • An Employer of Record is an entity that takes on the responsibility of traditional employment liabilities & tasks so that the company stakeholders can focus more on diversifying and expanding a business, and less on running its daily operations. It improves the managerial capacities of the board of members.
  • The best-in-class EOR services by our team at Interloop eliminate the long, tedious, & expensive task of setting up a subsidiary within your international employees’ countries. How? By using our infrastructure & established payroll resources. In layman terms, outsource your back-office administrative tasks relating to all your global employees to us.
  • The reins of management will still be in your hands as you will be the functioning employer. So, while you and your team focus on doing the R&D and devise strategies for business growth, we take care of all the rest that’s wasting all that time you can otherwise spend on brainstorming!
  • Once you partner with us, all your international staff will report to us. Also, we will handle everything relating to back-office payroll, employee benefits, & regulatory technicalities associated with global staffing. We have a wholly-owned infrastructure model in place: Interloop owns the entire infrastructure in every country so that you can unlock the full international potential of your company.

Talk to us & we will also provide other auxiliary HR services if you don’t have the required resources, technical expertise, or bandwidth.

Benefits of Employer of
Record Services

Through these services, once we find the right candidate, we hire them for you and then add them to a legally compliant payroll. However, all the management lies under you. So, bringing them onboard and terminating them will be entirely your decision.

Partnering with us will give you and your employees a clear understanding of the terms of employment. There will be more clarity about the overall relationship between employer, employee, and our team as it will be specified in a compliant employment contract.

Experienced and skilled professionals keep looking for offers with better chances of growth and greater benefits. Backed with our EOR services, you can save costs and spend the savings in offering competitive packages & benefits to such top-tier employees.

With us, you can ensure that your company’s intellectual property is fully protected by compliant employment contracts.

All our team members have first-hand knowledge about the challenges of employing overseas. Besides, we are supported by a market-leading network of local experts in various fields.

As we help you quickly deploy your staff into the country, you can at once make your overseas project go up and running. That’s because there is faster onboarding as you avoid all red-tapism by hiring EOR services.

The success of an overseas project is only as much as its profitability. Hiring an Employer of Record services makes such projects more financially viable for you. These help you save costs related to payroll and taxation, entity set-up, foreign exchange, & immigration.

Fiscal and employment laws vary from country to country and thus, can be very complex. Besides, non-compliance can prove fatal to your company’s reputation and financial standing. Our in-house Compliance, Contracts, and Payroll teams work with local lawyers & accountants to ensure that your international employees are operating legally in the country.

When is a Secondment Contract or EOR used?

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“As a solution for headcount freezes and headcount caps.”

Secondment contract is a perfect solution when a manager or employer has the resources to employ but a limited ability to maintain or add headcount. In this situation, Interloop Solutions & Consultancy will take all the tasks of reviewing the proof of worker eligibility, employee administration work, etc - off from you, giving you both the time and resources to focus on growing your business. Using Interloop’ PEO/ EOR or Secondment service enables the manager to move the existing or potential employees that they have identified under Interloop’ headcount, ensuring that the manager can use their budget to achieve business outcomes despite the headcount freeze. Interloop employs and payrolls the employees and seconds them onsite to provide services to the client.

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“As a solution for overseas expansion.”

As you know, hiring staff overseas can be a headache sometimes, you must follow each country’s compliance and be familiar with all the rules relating to labor and unemployment. A secondment contract is the perfect solution for companies looking to expand in Asia but doesn’t have the headcount or a legal entity set up locally to employ the people they want to hire in Asia. Using Interloop’ Employer of Record or Secondment service, Interloop can contractually employ the identified staff members and second those staff members to the client, enabling the client to benefit from the services of the local staff.

Our Suite of Services​

The team at Interloop ensures that all employees on the payroll are compensated exactly as per their services rendered.

  1. We take care of all your administrative, statutory, and compliance needs
  2. We have tamper-proof mechanisms to keep track of the number of hours each employee has spent working over a time period. 
  3. Our team also ensures that all your employees achieve proper compliance.
  4. Once the compensation has been paid, we even arrange for their employment tax filings.
  5. Additionally, we handle benefits & retirement accounts, and file state forms for new employees.
  6. We even help ensure compliance with court-ordered wage garnishments.

Managing humans is much easier with portals like eHRPlatform, eLeave, ePayroll, eTime, and eClaim!

Recruiting experienced professionals in another country is a challenging task. For such an expansion to take place, your organization must be financially stable. Besides, your resources need to have the time & strong technical know-how of legal assets. This empowers them to stay consistent. We, as your backbone for EOR services, help you overcome these obstacles. The team of HR specialists at Interloop:

  1. Recruits and brings an overseas team together within a quick turnaround time.
  2. Discusses terms of employment with the recruits
  3. Gives analysis of your company’s financial position if you’re considering setting up a new entity.
  4. Ensures that you comply with HR or tax laws of various countries.
  5. Make sure that you know the advantages & disadvantages (risks) of expanding in a particular country.
  6. Helps you hire a global team overnight.
  7. Tells you if it is feasible for you to give employee benefits to the entire staff after you’ve expanded the business across various nations.
  8. Acquaints you with the local laws & guidelines before creating employment contracts.
  9. Adopts organizational mechanisms to cope with challenges of remote work.
  10. Complies with all regulations to streamline employment procedures as per offshore rulebooks.
  11. Maintains records of any unpaid leaves and sick leaves
  12. Calculates employee salaries and maintains employee records
  13. Handles all pension fund enrolments & terminations
  14. Administers monthly employee/employer contributions & provides workers compensation insurance

Contract management is the continuous reviewing, analyses, and updating of the employee contracts so that all things pertaining to the relationship between the employer and the employee stay on track throughout the contract lifecycle. We meet your temporary and contract staffing needs for both local & foreign employees.

Something to note: Contract management is the process that starts after the agreement has been drafted, negotiated upon, and signed by both parties. Regularly, we:

  1. Conduct periodic reviews to ensure that all terms are being honored. 
  2. Keep looking for any potential breaches of the contract so that if there are any, these can be dealt with on time.
  3. Examine the contract’s legal boundaries for any liabilities. Include new compliance regulations within the contract, as and when deemed necessary. 
  4. Our divided teams—each having its own specialization—review the contract for any updates.
  5. Assess the contract for overutilization or underutilization of funds.
We also offer assistance with Visa & Work Permit Application processes.

Why Choose Us?

The world is online. And if you’re aspiring to stay in the game for long, you don’t want to be left behind. Attain disruptive business competencies by extending your services globally. Hire the best talent remotely and exponentially boost your revenue. 

Worried about the carrying out of day-to-day operations? Leave that to us. Invest the time saved in diversifying & expanding your business. In this way, reach a broader audience and increase your customer base across the world.

We offer end-to-end services and stop at nothing for facilitating you to bring your A-game on!

Thinking of leveraging the skills of the best talent pool across the world? Level up by hiring our Employer of Record services.

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EOR Onboarding Flow-Chart

EOR Onboarding

Step 1 : Candidate’s Interview

Step 2 : Candidate Shortlisting

Step 3 : Offer Acceptance by the Candidate

Step 4 : Signing Engagement Letter with Interloop

Step 5 : Exchange of Onboarding Documents

Step 6 : Signing of Employment Agreement with Interloop

Step 7 : Social Security Registration

Step 8 :If Income Tax has been withheld, Interloop will make the Payment within 30 days of the Employee Term Commencement date.

What does Interloop's
International’s EOR or Secondment
Services include?

General Information on Labour

  • Maximum number of General Non-Hazardous Work:
    • 8 hours per day, not exceeding 48 hours per week
  • At least 1 off day per week and 1 hour of rest every 5 hours of continuous work per day
  • Employees entitled to no fewer than 13 national holidays per year, minimum of 6 days of annual vacation after working consecutively for 1 full calendar year
  • 90 days of maternity leave including holidays, but paid leave shall not exceed 45 days
  • Set at a maximum of 30 working days per annum
  • Employees who worked…
    • 120 days but less than 1 year will be entitled to 30 days of severance pay
    • 1 to 3 years will be entitled 90 days of severance pay
    • 3 to 6 years will be entitled 180 days of severance pay
    • 6 to 10 years will be entitled 240 days of severance pay
    • 10 years will be entitled 300 days of severance pay
  • For work performed over 8 hours per day (48 hours per week), the Overtime Pay rate shall be as follows:
    • Overtime Pay on Working Days: Not less than 1.5 times of hourly rate
    • Holiday Pay for Monthly Salaried Workers: Not less than 1 time of hourly rate (8 hours max per day)
    • Holiday Overtime Pay: Not less than 3 times of hourly rate
  • Withheld from the monthly wages of each employee
  • The prescribed rate is 5% for the 1st 15,000 baht salary
    • The maximum fee is 1,500 baht or 750 baht for employee and employer
  • The employer is required by law to match the contribution of the employee
    • Contributions must be remitted to the Social Security Office by 15th day of following month
    • For late payments a surcharge will be charged at 2% per month of the amount due
  • Employees in Thailand must be issued with pay slips for each pay period and may be issued online
  • Payroll records must be kept for at least 7 years

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