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One of the greatest challenges that even the most experienced of our clients face when entering a new market is utilising the tools and networks available for recruiting the right people.

Another important consideration when entering a new market is recognising the cultural differences of each country and adjusting management styles to suit each market.

With the support of our team, we help our clients overcome the many hurdles of recruiting and managing their workforce to feel confident that their team’s and business’ objectives are aligned.

The workforce is the key to the exponential growth of an organization. After all, in the absence of efficient, qualified, and skilled employees, no company’s revenue can scale up despite there being ample resources. Thus, as a rule, and as the go-to market strategy for any business to make it big, managing the workforce should be one of the top priorities for the company stakeholders.

Also, the task of managing people is easier said than done. Many aspects need to be considered and assigned relative importance for the organization to run smoothly. Some of these considerations include forecasting, scheduling, skills management, attendance & timekeeping, employee empowerment, and intraday management. And generally, those working in managerial roles in SMEs do not have the bandwidth to come up with a strategy for optimizing employee productivity.

This is where our team at Interloop comes into the picture. Our specialists cast an effective strategy from this complex overload of business requirements, resources, and variety of skillsets. But they don’t just stop here. Our team further implements this strategy at all organizational levels, thereby saving you the hassle.

How we make it happen:

By ensuring that all your resources are in the right place at the right time.

By working out ways to deliver the best customer service that supports omnichannel customer engagement.

By offering top-notch business advisory services, keeping in mind your company’s vision.

Our repository of services:

  • Employer of Record

Count on our team for taking over the legal responsibilities of employing your employees. Through this, save time & decrease complexities related to HR functions, market access, and paying employees internationally.


  1. Keep your business compliant during its international expansion.
  2. Assist you with complicated regulations surrounding taxes & benefits.
  3. Give you access to new markets and help your firm get better benefits rates.
  4. Provide the sponsorship of work permits.
  5. Legally & efficiently engage with overseas workers either in a new country or state without risking the violation of local employment laws or setting up a local entity.
  • HR Advisory

Half of the solution lies in the problem. And if not all, most problems are different from each other. So, we first identify the key problem areas or areas of concern in your company. But not without keeping the company DNA  in focus. Then, we come up with the best HR solutions that are compliant with all statutory requirements for a business to operate.

Partner with us to overcome the hurdles of recruiting & managing your workforce. We help you:

  1. Build the HR Infrastructure of your company
  2. Define business structure and work out the various grades on the organizational ladder.
  3. Find redundancies in the existing HR process & effectively implement a new one
  4. Keep all your employees’ efforts aligned with the company’s work philosophy
  5. Incorporate the latest technologies and mechanisms to facilitate the seamless flow of operations
  6. Bring all the HR efforts in line with the marketing entry strategies of your firm.
  7. Create Job Descriptions for all key roles
  8. Develop HR Policies & Employee Handbook
  9. Set up Personnel Files and a Human Resources Information System
  10. Ensure compliance to legal requirements related to HR processes
  • HR Payroll Management

The rate of technological advancement is only increasing. Add to this the need and reality of business expansion.

Keeping these two things in view, the process of managing employees, their records, and their salaries has become a tedious task to accomplish. Take our comprehensive services to lessen the load. We help you:

  1. Devise the salary structure of your employees.
  2. Calculate the net payable salary of every member of your workforce after including all the allowances & deductions.
  3. Generate payslips & optimize the salary payment process.
  4. Develop HR competencies for performing several activities like maintaining salary details of every employee in the organization, payroll processing, keeping track of deductions, loans, time & attendance, bonuses, & allowances.
  5. Come up with a defined system to calculate the available leaves, their encashment, and loss of pay.
  6. Eliminate or reduce errors in the payroll process.
  7. Get clarity about the skills & performance of your employees.
  8. Schedule training as per the needs of & expectations from every employee.
  • Immigration Consultation

In today’s globalized world, more and more people are seeking to go a step further & break the glass ceiling.

In this pursuit, many employees wish to immigrate from one country to another for work, higher studies, travel, or business purposes. Collaborate with our immigration consultants. Our team:

  1. Provides legal services in the area of immigration law as permitted by legislation.
  2. Assesses your employees’ chances of being approved for a visa.
  3. Prepares your employees for VISA interviews with various kinds of VISA officers, if needed.
  4. Helps prepare their immigration applications and paperwork.
  5. Proofreads the immigration paperwork so that it is accurate and error-free.
  • Other HR services

These include recruitment, data analysis, talent management, setting up of an employee sentiment prediction software, payroll, & overall human capital management. Services we offer:

  1. We help you find suitable candidates for the job vacancies.
  2. Our team sources new opportunities, optimizes CVs, & shortlists the best suitable candidates.
  3. Our experts guide the candidate once he/she is shortlisted & provide the person pointers to prepare for the interview.
  4. Team up with marketers to retain and improve employer reputation.
  5. We have a team of trained headhunters for spotting and selecting the best candidates for your organization.
  6. Help people get quickly on board so that there is optimum productivity and employee retention.
  7. We ensure that the employees are motivated so that they perform well.
  8. Our team launches programs to upskill the employees so that they’re always relevant to the market and are market-ready.
  9. We leverage the power of data for you to ensure that your company is hitting the right Key Performance Indicators that have an impact on business outcomes.

So, rely on us to optimize the productivity of your workforce and manage it. Backed by our team of experts who are skilled in forecasting labor requirements and creating and managing staff schedules, all day-to-day operations of your company will be fully completed, on-time.

Also, if you’re thinking of entering into a joint venture alliance or wish to sell a part of your business, avail the benefits of our best-in-class business valuation services.

Workforce Management

Employer of Record Services

HR Advisory

Work Force Management

HR Payroll Management

Immigration Consultation

Other HR services

1. Employer of Record Services

2. HR Advisory

3. Work Force Management

4. HR Payroll Management

5. Immigration Consultation

6. Other HR services

We look forward to growing with you by breaking down the conventional barriers in the region. Call us today and schedule an appointment.

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Get in touch

Contact Us

TH Phone : +66 (0) 97 106 9113
SG Phone : +65 9102 0303
Office Phone : +66 (0) 2 007 0971
Email :
Line@ ID : @inlps

Our Hours

MON-FRI : 09:00 – 18:00

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Thailand Office

Level 3, Prasert Sutt Building 360 Sanambinnam Nonthaburi Road,
Bang Krasor, Mueang Nonthaburi, Nonthaburi 11000 Thailand

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