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With rapid growth in the global cryptocurrency markets, we recognise the growing interest surrounding cryptocurrencies in the ASEAN, China, and India regions. However, owing to cryptocurrency being a new concept, few understand the legalities and framework involved in adopting and dealing in this new technology.

Our team provides support to ensure that our clients are cognisant of the legal and tax obligations required to comply with the regulations of each jurisdiction.

Thinking Crypto? Partner with us in your
investment journey.

Cryptocurrency has fundamentally changed the way we interact with & use money. But you’re not alone in coping with this change. Take our help. Already a favorite among the masses, Cryptocurrency’s appeal is nothing short of disruptive. With time, and the world going digital, its popularity will only increase. And not without reasons. Digital currency works on decentralized networks that operate through blockchain technology. As such, there is an unlimited scope of recording transactional data. This makes it almost impossible to manipulate the system. Besides, with no government control or regulation, it works on a decentralized structure. So, there are literally no rules. This brings us to the first service we offer.

Cryptocurrency development and launch

Technically, cryptocurrencies are mined. This mining verifies cryptocurrency transactions & creates new units of Cryptocurrency. Backed by years of cryptocurrency development experience, our team leaves no stone unturned in developing the most profitable Cryptocurrency for you.

How it happens:

  • Every time a cryptocurrency transaction occurs, a miner—who also serves as a node on the blockchain—tries to decrypt the block having the transaction data.
  • In this competition of sorts, the first miner to decrypt the block typically authenticates the transaction. This individual also knows who sent how many Bitcoins to whom & at what time & date.
  • The block then gets added to the blockchain. As a reward for this service, the cryptocurrency miner receives a fraction of new units of the digital currency.

We know the Cryptocurrency development process sounds tedious. Here’s where we come into the picture. Our team of professionals helps you come up with new digital currencies while:

  1. Digitizing your assets.
  2. Achieving low transaction costs.
  3. Enabling high transaction throughput.
  4. Raising funds using utility or security tokens.
  5. Maintaining a decentralized record of transactions.
  6. Enhancing transparency.
  7. Facilitating easy, secured, and immutable transactions.

Cryptocurrency advisory services

How we help:

  • First thing’s first. It is never too late to invest in Cryptocurrency or in Cryptocurrency advisory services.
  • We help you diversify your portfolio while helping you enter & leave the markets safely, get involved in trading, and gain traction on emerging currencies. With us:

Invest in a varied set of coins to minimize risk.

Ensure that none of your funds are going to crypto projects within the same area.

Know the right time to invest in a particular currency.

  • For you, our Cryptocurrency advisory services team diligently explores & understands the alternative investment markets. Identifying opportunities and harping on them at the right time is the key to success in this league.
  • Our experts assess your risk appetite and guide you about the currencies to invest in. We help you devise an alternative investment strategy as we understand that you’re foraying in the field early, perhaps for the first time.

Cryptocurrencies provide excellent returns for the ones who are wise enough to subscribe to our crypto advisory services so that they can get going in this burgeoning market. Are you one of them?

Business tax advisory services

With the increased use of digital assets like tokens and Bitcoins, companies today are increasingly facing a range of new cryptocurrency state tax implications. For you, our business tax advisory services team lays out the potential corporate income tax challenges at the state tax level. We do this to help your firm navigate this uncertain environment & plan for possible cryptocurrency tax issues in your planning & compliance activities.

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Advisory

Cryptocurrency Development and Launch

Community Management

Tax & Legal Advisory

Blockchain Consultancy & BOI Application

1. Cryptocurrency Development and Launch

2. Community Management

3. Tax & Legal Advisory

4. Blockchain Consultancy & BOI Application

We look forward to growing with you by breaking down the conventional barriers in the region. Call us today and schedule an appointment.


Why Choose Us?

All in all, our business tax advisory services are focused on you achieving your tax objectives. Accordingly, we formulate a consistent strategy to preserve your wealth and have a limited tax liability.

  • We focus on minimizing your tax bill and enabling you to pay only that amount you are legally required to pay to the government.
  • Our licensed CPAs prepare your tax returns with all the required tax forms & a total reconciliation of your crypto activity from both exchanges & wallets.
  • Our professionals offering business tax advisory services ensure that all your cryptocurrency taxation needs are met on time so that you can focus on investing, trading, mining, and earning income.
  • We provide you with the relevant knowledge to handle complex tax situations as and when they arise.
  • The Interloop team even supplements the services of your tax return preparer to ensure that your crypto activities are correctly reported.
  • We assist our customers in navigating the complexities of cryptocurrency tax accounting & compliance matters. These services include ways to treat tokens received via hard forks & airdrops, methods to treat Initial Coin Offering transactions by investors & developers, and navigating the intricacies of reporting foreign financial assets and foreign bank & financial accounts.

Community management services

With our help, create, grow, manage, and engage a vibrant community of blockchain enthusiasts. Our team offering community management services enhances your brand and engages your crypto community so that you can take other managerial leaps in your business.

Perks of working with us:

  • Proactive engagement & fast response increase your credibility & authenticity in the market. That is because it inspires confidence about your product or service in your audience or clients. Our talent pool of community managers brings about this belief in your product by posting content across various channels.
  • Our skilled professionals have years of experience in the crypto & community management services industry. Further, they are well-versed with the features of several channels like blocking, pinned messages, spamming, how to grow the community, personal messages, etc.
  • We proactively manage communities to have a constant flow of opinions, thoughts, & queries.
  • Our team also suggests new ideas to your company’s Board of Directors. If you are faced with negative publicity or any other such challenges, we swiftly work with your core team to find cost-effective solutions.

We keep the lens on your KPIs and become the first contact point for the crypto community. Coupled with constant support on your social media, this builds an interactive & engaged community. By tailoring our services to your strategic needs, we give you the confidence to rely on us to grow your crypto community.

Blockchain consultancy services

Our experts research, analyze, develop, & test blockchain technologies to be implemented within your business ecosystem to achieve specific outcomes.

Why collaborate with us?

  • We do it all. This includes documentation & maintaining solutions & their architectural integration through business logic.
  • Our blockchain consulting team translates your business goals into technology roadmaps that your clients can easily follow.
  • With our help, upload & store detailed information on a blockchain (where it exists as a shared database).
  • Thus, your records are public & easily validated, while at the same time also secured via cryptography.

We turn your aspirations into
practical applications.

Once our blockchain developers assess the feasibility of your blockchain project, they help you define your business goals and devise a system workflow.

After analyzing your existing solution, our team discovers if it can be migrated to the blockchain. Following a thorough assessment of all business procedures, we identify where blockchain can be applied to your case.

This is done based on your business requirements & the kind of blockchain.

We structure a framework & prototype to recognize the use cases for the business through minimum viable features. This is done to understand the viability of a real solution.

We help you identify if blockchain technology integrates into your business environment & operations.

Once you are ready to build the blockchain product, we help you from the start till the end—from UI/UX to entire front-end & back-end implementation.

Through our blockchain consulting services, automate and streamline your business processes. Thus, vastly reduce clutter & boost the speed of negotiations, transactions, & most types of operations.

Join hands with us to build competencies while saving costs and time. With us, you reduce the burden of supervising or handling all business operations. Spend the time saved & all your energies on making managerial decisions instead. Besides, our services eliminate technical inconsistencies and help you build competencies to incentivize more efficient work. Reduce the cost of hiring intermediaries & third parties while ensuring the safety of digital data & transactions. To reach out to one of the experts from our team, give us a call or drop an email. Once you contact us, we will do all it takes to achieve your business goals.

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Get in touch

Contact Us

TH Phone : +66 (0) 97 106 9113
SG Phone : +65 9102 0303
Office Phone : +66 (0) 2 007 0971
Email :
Line@ ID : @inlps

Our Hours

MON-FRI : 09:00 – 18:00

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Level 3, Prasert Sutt Building 360 Sanambinnam Nonthaburi Road,
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