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INTERLOOP is a premier consulting firm made up of specialists from across various industries and countries, providing end-to-end solutions for companies seeking to enter the high-growth markets in ASEAN, China, and India. We have offices in 8 countries in the region, with professionals specialising in a multitude of fields and industries where no other consulting firm in the region can give the glocalized advise required to successfully enter and succeed in the extremely diverse markets of ASEAN, China, and India.

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Our team is made up of professionals from various industries around ASEAN, China, and India working together to make your business a success. The experience and diversity of our team allows us to provide integrated solutions to face even the most complex of challenges.


Dealing with government bodies is cumbersome in the ASEAN, China, and India regions. It is often extremely time consuming for companies to sift through each country’s red-tape.



We bring our talent to your project when and where you need it most - whether it's temporary or long-term project.

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we help our clients overcome the many hurdles of recruiting and managing their workforce to feel confident that their team’s and business’ objectives are aligned.

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As the Internet becomes entwined with everything we do, the importance of digital marketing is becoming crystal clear.

Case Studies

Market Entry Solutions

SkinSoul Switzerland

SkinSoul is a leading cosmetic brand from Switzerland. With overwhelming success in Malaysia & Singapore; they decided to expand further into the South East Asian market. Seeing the potential for expanding into the Thai market SkinSoul approached us.

The InterLoop team is therefore advising on and executing the various aspects of market entry into Thailand. Market research and strategy consulting, corporate registration, accounting & tax consulting, customs clearance in addition to FDA applications for their many products.

skinsoul switzerland

BOI Application Service

Cartrack Technologies (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

Cartrack Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd is a multinational company from South Africa, which provides software services for fleet management & GPS tracking. 

With the express purpose of expanding their operations into Thailand, we assisted Cartrack in setting up their entity through the BOI investment promotion scheme which granted them the right to have 100% foreign ownership.

Cartrack is also able to hire expats & apply for their Visas/Work Permits through the BOI scheme. Last but not least, they gained  a 5-year corporate income tax waiver.

Employer of Record Service

Mayflower Japanese Restaurant

Is a Japanese restaurant based in Delaware, Newark. They specialize in providing high quality Japanese food at low prices. With their business expanding, they were faced with the problem of an ever expanding payroll. In order to preserve their value proposition, the owners decided to outsource administrative and call-centre tasks to Thailand.

With the help of Interloop’s Employer of Record Services they were able to out-source their administrative and order processing functions, quickly and with minimal hassle.

mayflower japanese restaurant

Digital Marketing Service

Herrenfahrt Thailand

Herrenfahrt is a premier car care brand from Germany, with their expansion into the Asian region they were faced with the immense task of marketing to an entirely new breed of customers.

With the help of our Digital Marketing team. They were able to re-tool their website for the Thai market as well as deploy an all-encompassing digital marketing strategy tailored for the Thai market. This involved translating their marketing collaterals into Thai as well creating promotions that are particularly attractive to Thai customers.

We look forward to growing with you by breaking down the barriers in the region.

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Line@ ID : @inlps

Our Hours

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Thailand Office

Level 3, Prasert Sutt Building 360 Sanambinnam Nonthaburi Road,
Bang Krasor, Mueang Nonthaburi, Nonthaburi 11000 Thailand

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