Employer of Record (EOR)

    Are you looking to expand your business into Asia?


    If you are looking for an efficient way to grow your employees fast and professionally in your field?

    Interloop’s Employer of Record (EOR) is the most flexible, cost-effective method for both your business and employees to grow. When you are using Interloop’s International’s EOR & secondment services, we become the legal employer of your staff and second them back to you under a service agreement. Interloop’s EOR and secondment contract allows you to remove all the unnecessary costs and time associated with setting up and maintaining a legal entity, investing minimum capital, annual company administration, etc. – allowing you to expand into a new country in as little as 1 day.

    The Best
    Employer of Record Services, On Record.

    An Employer of Record is an entity that takes on the responsibility of traditional employment liabilities & tasks so that the company stakeholders can focus more on diversifying and expanding a business, and less on running its daily operations. Basically, it improves the managerial capacities of the board of members.


    The best-in-class EOR services by our team at Interloop eliminate the long, tedious, & expensive task of setting up a subsidiary within your international employees’ countries. How? By using our infrastructure & established payroll resources. In layman terms, outsource your back-office administrative tasks relating to all your global employees to us.

    The reins of management will still be in your hands as you will be the functioning employer. So, while you and your team focus on doing the R&D and devise strategies for business growth, we take care of all the rest that’s wasting all that time you can otherwise spend on brainstorming!

    Once you partner with us, all your international staff will report to us. Also, we will handle everything relating to back-office payroll, employee benefits, & regulatory technicalities associated with global staffing. We have a wholly-owned infrastructure model in place: Interloop owns the entire infrastructure in every country so that you can unlock the full international potential of your company.

    Talk to us & we will also provide other auxiliary HR services if you don’t have the required resources, technical expertise, or bandwidth.


    When is
    Secondment or EOR used?

    As a solution for overseas expansion.

    As you know, hiring staff overseas can be a headache sometimes, you must follow each country’s compliance and be familiar with all the rules relating to labor and unemployment. A secondment contract is the perfect solution for companies looking to expand in Asia but doesn’t have the headcount or a legal entity set up locally to employ the people they want to hire in Asia.

    Using Interloop’s Employer of Record or Secondment service, we can contractually employ the identified staff members and second those staff members to the client, enabling the client to benefit from the services of the local staff.

    As a solution for headcount freezes and headcount caps.

    Secondment contract is a perfect solution when a manager or employer has the resources to employ but a limited ability to maintain or add headcount.

    In this situation, Interloop will take all the tasks of reviewing the proof of worker eligibility, employee administration work, etc. – off from you, giving you both the time and resources to focus on growing your business. Using Interloop’s PEO/ EOR or Secondment service enables the manager to move the existing or potential employees that they have identified under Interloop’s headcount, ensuring that the manager can use their budget to achieve business outcomes despite the headcount freeze. Interloop employs and payrolls the employees and seconds them onsite to provide services to the client.

    What does Interloop’s EOR or Secondment Services include?

    • Discuss terms of employment
    • Prepare all necessary employment contracts directly with contract staff
    • Handle all enrolments and terminations
    • Administer monthly employee/employer social security contributions